Quality Policy

All our products shall be in conformity with the specified customer's requirement, where this is not specified the quality shall be to good trade standards and/or our own specifications commensurate with end use of the product. We shall meet costumer's expectations for quality and service. So that the end consumer's of our product will get complete satisfaction for value and performance. We will imbibe quality culture in our company. Our system is aimed to reduce the non-performance of the product to minimum level. We shall continually improve the quality of our product in order to meet the global quality standards,

Social Policy

The development and implementation of this policy is a commitment of our management and a shared responsibility with our employees. We recognize that a commitment to the following guiding principal of the policy is a fundamental of our existence.
  1. Set appropriate objectives and targets and review them to maintain and continuous improvement in social performance.
  2. All national and local rules and regulations, should be comply.
  3. To strive to maintain a safe, healthy and congenial working environment for all the employees of FAIR BROTHERS.
  4. To actively promote and encourage ethical excellence not only within the company but also amongst our suppliers and contractors.
  5. Every employee should understands the policy, is responsible and accountable for incorporating social accountability in his daily activities.
  6. Policy should be available to all employees and the public.

Environmental Policy

The implementation of this policy is our pledge and its responsibility has shared with our worker. We recognize our commitment to the following guiding principal.
  1. Implantation of economical feasible environment management programs for. Continual improvement in environmental practices.
  2. All relevant legal obligation will be complied.
  3. To develop monitoring & measurement tool to identify & quantify the raw materials wastage and to implement facilities, procedures & training programs so as to conserve raw materials & prevent pollution.
  4. Training program has conducted for the contractors, in order to improve general awareness levels with regard, to health, safety and the environment.
  5. All employee should understands the policy and is responsible for incorporating environmental consideration in his/her daily activities.